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About The Partner

SANA Global Projects represents the civil engineering branch of SANA Group, one of the leading construction companies in West Africa. SANA Global Project is trusted by major international brands such as Kellog’s, Beloxxi, or Colgate for their Civil Engineering projects in West Africa


Brand Creation
Social Media Presence
CRM & Email Marketing
Website Design


SANA Global Projects

Brand Creation

We worked hand and hand with SANA’s team to create a brand that showcased
the mission, quality, and future vision of the brand. We were tasked with
creating a premium brand identity guide and developing a branding strategy
to position their brand where they desired in their buyer persona’s minds.

How did we achieved this?

Buyer Persona Development

The SANA team was exceptionally helpful by having
extensive meetings to help us understand their ideal
audience. On top of that, we scheduled multiple interviews
with their real buyer personas to deeply understand their
interests and motivations.

Competitive Analysis

To ensure maximum differentiation, we deeply researched
and interacted with SANA’s competitors to draft a competitive
analysis highlighting their current position in the market and
the different opportunities available to them.

Branding Strategy

Based on their objectives, the information drawn from the
market, and their buyer persona competition, we created a
branding strategy, including a positioning strategy to
position the brand in the right place in their audience’s mind.

Branding Guide Development

Using this branding strategy, our design team created a
brand identity guide to represent the company's past,
present, and future at every touchpoint, both with the
customer and internally with their team.

Social Media Presence

SANA wanted to achieve brand recognition by creating
a solid social media presence.


From 0 to 2,090 followers


From 0 to 2,090

How did we achieved this?

Based on our branding strategy, we created a tailored social media strategy for their
account, offering exciting information for construction consultants (their buyer persona).
We make sure we constantly review our hashtag strategy to ensure maximum reach.

We are also happy to count on the help of SANA’s amazing internal content creators, which help us by providing a constant flow of content for our platforms.
We are also happy to enjoy their internal team supporting us with a constant flow of professional showcasing their projects.

CRM & Email Marketing

At the beginning of the project, SANA relied on an outdated email list from past clients. We worked with their team to implement a CRM system that helps efficiently filter their database information for marketing and sales purposes. We also helped them grow their lead and email subscribers to feed their lead generation funnel.


From 0 to 3,145 subscribers


From 0 to 3,145 subscribers

How did we achieved this?

We have relied heavily on creating lead generation materials and LinkedIn ads for this goal. We run monthly campaigns on LinkedIn that help us connect with members of our ideal audience interested in our content. We now run monthly newsletters that deliver insightful value to their newly acquired audience.

Website Design

At the beginning of the project, SANA Global Projects didn’t have a website of its own. Our UI/UX designers and web developers worked with SANA to create a fully optimized website showcasing their services.

SEO Optimization

SANA’s objective was to position its website in the main keywords related to its industry. Since SANA Global didn’t have a website at the beginning of their project, we had to begin the whole optimization process from scratch.

How did we achieved this?

Our SEO experts worked on optimizing the website in technical and on-page SEO. Our content creators created insightful and SEO-optimized content in their blog to help the site rank in the targeted keywords. Essential for the success of this activity was the help of SANA’s internal team in our link-building efforts.