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Of the brands that work with us achieve their marketing goals within the first 6 months.


Leads generated for our partners thanks to our digital marketing activities.


Guiding our partners to secure top 3 SEO Rankings, enhancing online visibility and  brand reach.


Average increase in brand awareness for our partners after one year of working with Pedicel.

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We're a crew of Marketing Wizards, SEO Experts, Social Media nerds, Graphic Design Magicians, and Web Development machines.
With a combined experience of over 30 years and a portfolio boasting 80+ successful projects, our only objective is to put your brand right in front of your audience so you can grow bigger and faster.

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Lead Generation

Let's get real: if revenue is the fuel your business needs to flourish, leads are the spark that keeps that flame burning. This is why lead generation sits at the core of our priorities. How do we work this magic? We strategically engage and nurture your audience across various channels, including SEO, paid ads, email marketing, and social media. By the time they come to you, they know your value and are ready to transform into valued paying customers.

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If nobody can see you, you don't exist.

Brand Presence

We know you have an amazing product. But, your audience can't buy from you if they can't find you. Don't worry, we've got you covered—just like we do with all our brands. We create stunning branding that showcases your best version to the world, and we ensure you outshine your competitors wherever your audience hangs out, whether it's on social media, Google search engines, or  your competitors dreams (we like to be everywhere).

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Your website is your most important marketing asset

Web Development

Your website is your most important marketing asset— it's the bridge that guides visitors to become your valued clients. We create online experiences that are as addictive as your favorite TV show.
Our captivating content, pixel-perfect design, and tech wizardry (Webflow, WordPress, and JavaScript) ensures visitors are not only engaged but also seamlessly transformed into paying leads.

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Our approach to

Social Media

Let's create a community that's more than likes; it's paying customers and brand advocates.

How? We serve up irresistible content that speaks to your audience while fostering meaningful conversations; these conversations aren't just chatter—they're potential customers who genuinely care. When they're ready to buy, they'll remember you.

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We understand how crucial communication is for your brand. That's why we have designed exclusive contact channels and clear reports, ensuring you're always informed about your account's performance. If ever need anything, your brand manager is always ready to meet your needs.

Data Oriented

We measure everything, absolutely everything, as we believe it's the only way to achieve long-term project success. This data allows us to hold ourselves accountable and maintain a constant rate of improvement in for your brand.


Every business is different, that’s why we give each of them unique, special attention. Each of our strategies is tailored to meet your brand’s unique needs. We believe this is the only way you can differentiate yourself from the competition and we are commited to helping you stand out from the crowd.

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Our Process

We begin with thorough market research to grasp the optimal approach for connecting with your audience. We assess your brand's potential within its market and craft a strategy that empowers you to outshine your competitors.
Goal Setting
Once we've plotted our position in the market and sized up our resources, it's time to design a crystal-clear marketing vision for your business using SMART goals. These goals will become our accountability compass, steering our actions toward success.
Strategy Creation
At this point, we create a detailed roadmap using all our marketing tools to achieve your goals. Our aim is to use different channels to showcase your brand's value and attract potential clients.
It's execution o'clock! where we roll out all the magic we've prepared for you during the strategy phase.  At this point you can expect all your marketing channels to come to live and start generating results for your business.
You can't enhance what you don't measure – that's why we use our data-driven approach to constantly optimize your operations.  Your growth is our canvas, and data analysis is our brushstroke!
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Exceeding your expectations

Don't just take our word. See what our partners say about us.

We engaged Pedicel a year ago, and the partnership has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. They understood our product and brand in a complex environment and created a 360 strategy to position us in the best position to win.  If you're looking for a game-changer for your business, don't miss a chance to work with them!

Lucas Jessen, Head of Business Development in Airflows
Zen Chan

We used to struggle with lead generation – not anymore. This agency cracked the code!

Jack Dwight

This has been the best experience we’ve had so far, working with We've tried a few agencies, but this one actually understood our needs and delivered results. Thumbs up! 👍

Jess Right

Best investment ever made in marketing. We've seen a solid increase in business.

Zen Chan

We used to struggle with lead generation – not anymore. This agency cracked the code!

Olivia Garcia

Honestly, our social media was a mess before this agency stepped in. Now it's on point! 📱

John Ronald

The Pedicel team was obsessed with delivering value since day 1, no bulls***, just straightforward campaigns to generate results.

Pam Anderson

Love their Notion dashboard! it makes communication so much easier and efficient!

Olivia Garcia

Honestly, our social media was a mess before this agency stepped in. Now it's on point! 📱

Nick South

More leads, more growth – these guys know what they're doing ! 👏

Raj True

They genuinely cared about our brand's success. Their strategies hit the bullseye.10/10 would do again!

Anna West

Every time we need anything, they are there to help me; it's so easy working with the Pedicel team!

Nick South

More leads, more growth – these guys know what they're doing ! 👏