A deep dive into Pedicel’s roots


Providing tailored solutions shaped by our partners' roots and vision, enabling them to achieve their true potential.
First, you are not a “client”, but a “partner”; we want to make your goals ours and work together with you to achieve them.

Second, everything we do is uniquely tailored to your brand, we take your essence, understand where you want to be in the future, and give you strong structure and team to help you get there.

It all started with a happy team

We’ve gathered the best people from all around the world.

Project manager
Marianna Levchenko
Leo Grant
Front-end developer
Leo Grant
Project manager
Marianna Levchenko
Leo Grant
Project manager
Marianna Levchenko


Our vision is to consistently help our partners achieve theirs, while making a positive impact in the lives of our team and the communities we are involved in.

We strongly believe our vision's three pillars:


Our partners are our ultimate focus, as they allow us to fulfill our mission.


We heavily invest in their professional and personal development and have as an expectation that they work to become the best version of themselves while working at Pedicel.


We want to ensure that our operations make a positive impact in the world we live in.

Trust, transparency, integrity

We believe that these three values are essential to succeed. We have to be able to trust each other and our partners in order to meet our goals.

Fail fast

If we want to make a difference, we have to be willing to take risks. It is"okay" to fail and make mistakes, as that is the best way to grow.

Because perfection is unattainable

Not everything is going to be perfect, and that is fine. However, we are committed to do our best in everything we do. There is not place for mediocrity in our team.

Sabai Sabai
Breathe and be in peace

Unnecessary drama brings the whole team down. We want a working environment in which we all can work together towards a common goal, while enjoying every step of the process.

Partner Oriented
Their success is ours

The reason why we are in business is to help our partners achieve their business goals, and every action in our company must revolve around that goal. Focus on creating value and you ́ll always be right.

Why Pedicel?

Simple. Because we back our words up with actions.
We care about your brand as if it were ours, and we have a track record of success to prove it. We have an international team of professionals obsessed with taking your organization to the next level, and we renovate our commitment to our team and community every time we have an opportunity.

We walk our talk. When we say we're going to do something, we go as far as it's needed to fulfill our promise.

Our vision involves giving back to the community and creating a better world through our business.

Oyiza Helping Hands

Giving back to our community is at the core of our vision. And with Nigeria being one of our main markets, it was only natural to support the Oyiza Helping Hands Initiative to, as they say, "take children from the streets to the classrooms". Education made us the team of professionals we are today, and we believe everyone should have an opportunity to learn, too.


Ukraine welcomes all the help it can get. And the Pedicel team responded with a huge "say no more". Our colleague Sergio spent 3 weeks volunteering in Ukraine, and  came back with first-hand experiences that shaped him and our business for the better.

Get his insights about this experience


Anything at an international scale requires adaptation and integration. The Pedicel team experiences this everyday. That is why our team member Chelsey launched an association focusing on integrating people from different backgrounds into a common culture. After all, everybody is a citizen of the world!

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How it all started

Back in 2020, while the pandemic took everyone by surprise, our co-founders saw the need for companies to adapt to the new digital world reality.

Since then, Pedicel has grown into a team of talented marketing professionals dedicated to helping many companies like yours achieve their marketing goals in Europe and Africa.


Of the brands that work with us achieve their marketing goals within the first 6 months.


Leads generated for our partners thanks to our digital marketing activities.


Guiding our partners to secure top 3 SEO Rankings, enhancing online visibility and  brand reach.


Average increase in brand awareness for our partners after one year of working with Pedicel.

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