Crafting a visionary brand in construction

Transforming a West African construction giant through Strategic Branding and Identity Design

Brand Presence


Discover how we teamed up with SANA Global Projects, to revolutionize their brand identity. By seamlessly integrating mission, quality, and future vision, we propelled SANA Global Projects to the forefront of the industry.


Create a Premium Brand Identity Guide

Develop a Branding Strategy

We're not just here to give SANA Global Projects a makeover – we're here to ensure they become the soul of the construction party, grabbing attention and forging connections wherever they venture.

Key accomplishments

Here's what we've achieved:

Buyer Persona

Deeper understanding of SANA Global Projects' buyer personas through comprehensive research and interviews.

Competitive Analysis

Comprehensive competitive analysis to identify distinctive opportunities and strengthen market positioning.

Branding Strategy

Innovative branding strategy to establish a powerful market presence aligned with the company's target audience.

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Branding Guide

Visually appealing and comprehensive brand identity guide, encapsulating the company's heritage, excellence, and future at every touchpoint.

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To kick off the project, the team at Inkwell Studio began by conducting user research to understand the needs and behaviors of XYZ Company's target audience. Based on this research, they created personas and user journeys to inform the design process.

Next, the team at Inspired Studio worked on developing a design system for XYZ Company.

This included defining the brand's visual identity, typography, and color palette.

Using this design system as a guide, the team designed wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for the website's user interface (UI).

Bringing design to life

Once the UI design was finalized, the team at Inkwell Studio used Webflow to bring the design to life. They developed custom interactions and animations to enhance the user experience (UX) and ensure that the website was visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Throughout the project, the team at Inkwell Studio worked closely with the team at XYZ Company to ensure that the end result met their needs and expectations. The final product was a beautifully designed website that accurately represented XYZ Company's brand and effectively met the needs of their target audience.

By synergizing creativity and strategic insight, our agency elevated SANA Global Projects into a visionary brand, poised to shape the future of civil engineering in West Africa and beyond.

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